Reality  Consultants  Inc.  offers  a  full range  of  web  based  and graphic design
solutions as a part of our client  Real Estate specific service.   We have assisted
several firms in developing a web presence; implementing several differentiated
web based techniques to market our clients products and services.

This includes search engine optimization and web based marketing so that your
campaign can be delivered to the maximum target specific audience.

Launching  your  web  site  is  only  the  first  step.  Most feel that having a great-
looking  visually  pleasant  web  site  means  you'll  generate leads!  Prospective
clients  need  first  to  be  able  to  find  your  site  before they are encouraged to
contact or buy from you.

We  will  help  you  optimize  your  site  for  maximum search engine results and
show you how to maximize your exposure.  We will monitor your site's perform-
ance,  and  provide suggestions on how to  improve your search engine ranking.
We also constantly look for new link partners and directories where you can list
your site to increase traffic.
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